Balihosting can be your best Indonesian partner to improve customer’s business. Besides making great Website in design and system, our professionals provide quality maintenance and online marketing to improve your business. Trust us for your needs of website development, maintenance or even for consultation only. We’ll provide you the best service, wherever your location are.


We build our websites on the WordPress platform because it’s reliable, easy to update, and powers 34% of the internet. We pride ourselves on our quality and attention to detail and offer a range of design options to suit your budget all the way to bespoke solutions.

Rest assured that either way, we will build your website with a view to the future so that you can always upgrade further down the track. And to ensure your website has maximum reach, all designs are built from the ground up to be SEO friendly and look great on all devices.


68% of visitors won’t return to a site with poor performance, and 46% of visitors who leave a site due to performance will tell their friends about their negative experience. 

We setup Litespeed and LS Cache and Cloudflare  as our Standrad.
*Webp image optimization,  Cloudflare Rail Gun, CDN, Litespeed web server, LS Cache, CDN, OPcache, Memcahed, Redis, Quic,  Google CDN load Balancing, Google Cloud Platform or nginx server setup for dedicated resources is available

  • Additional charge may Apply


Secure website development is key to our ongoing service provision as no client wants to have to deal with unscheduled malicious damage, intrusion, breakdowns or unscheduled maintenance. As a result Design Inc are pleased to announce the achievement of 100% uptime over the last year for all our clients’ websites featuring great design and secure code which are hosted on our own secure servers.

Balihosting Provide Litespeed Web server, security plugin and ssl and other


Now everyone has a smartphone so that one can access the internet anytime, anywhere. With the mobile application, one can also provide functions that can not be realized on the website and provide comfortable service to users. Our application development team shape your idea and publish your Android, iOS application to the Apple Store, Google Play.

We Can Setup in Our Google Developer Account or You can register at google developer.


68% of visitors won’t return to a site with poor performance, and 46% of visitors who leave a site due to performance will tell their friends about their negative experience. Analyzing and understanding your site or service’s performance can be daunting — unless a technical person has the necessary experience or been trained on how to do this, it could be an incredibly steep learning curve for them which could ultimately impact your engineering velocity

Image Handler

Image significantly increase page loading.We take care your image with right file type and use right compression.

Optimization loselessly, losy will reduce more file size with lower image quality. We also give option to use google developed image format webp.

Please check image compression a jpeg file 1280 X  847 at your right. It even can be smaller if we compress agresively, resize image dimesion, clear meta data and convert to webpor other solution

Original file (jpg)after save from photoshop with maximum dpi file size 267 kb

Image compression result (jpg) with other optimizer file size 245 kb

Our compression result (jpg) file size 123 kb


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