What is VPN

What Is VPN?

VPN which stands for a virtual private network has been around since about the late 90s. It is a tool that helps with internet security, regional restrictions, annoying ads, and pop-ups. As concern with growth over time, VPN services become more and more relevant. If you have an internet connection available, you should always able to connect to the VPN. With VPN, all the network traffic is sent over to a secure connection, keeping your data and valuable information safe and secure. Like a firewall, developed to protect the data kept on your computer, VPN protects your data over the Internet.

What Can VPN do?

What is VPN is an important question, it is also useful to know what VPN can do. As was mentioned, VPN encrypts all your data which means that it allows you to connect to the public networks securely. VPN hides your IP address, which means it can allow you to bypass regional restrictions and even blocked websites. It can also help you with online shopping since many websites determine the prices for the goods, based on your location.

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1. Protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves. A VPN will encrypt your data and will protect your privacy and keep it away from hackers.

2. Avoid censorship 

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