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We accept Bank Transfer  and PayPal. For additional payment options, like purchase orders and ACH, please contact sales.

Autorenew Periode 37 days after expired domain, and user can renew the domain without additional charge.

Redemption Periode /Pending delete restorable 30 Days after autorenew periode, if User will renew the domain they should pay 10 x from domain price.

Pending delete Is the period of domain deletion. If the user doesn’t renew the domain after redemption period then the domain will be deleted.

Available/Domain Release At this time the domain has been released, and already available within 5 days after the pending delete then the domain is available.

Domain can be moved to another account if it is already 4 days old; it is not in money-back period; the customer id and customer username are already correct.

What will happen if a domain name was transferred within 45 calendar days after the auto-renewal date?

If a domain name was transferred within 45 calendar days after the auto-renewal date, the renewal year added by losing registrar will drop while the gaining registrar will add one year to the domain’s expiry date. Therefore, the expiration date will remain the same.

We have a strict Anti-Spam Policy that prohibits the use of any data to send spam.

Balihosting aims to provide convenient services to customers. Feel free to contact us via email, call +62 878 606 66565, or livechat with our customer care if you find any of the following:

Report abuse

Spam complaint report

False Whois complaint report

Domain names must respect and not conflict with IPR, Patent / Trademark Rights.

For, if the SIUP / TDP / Deed and other requirements are in the process of being made, it is necessary to attach a statement / statement from the notary.

Identity Cards (KTPs) that have expired can not be used for domain registration. Foreign passports or KITAS or KIPEM cannot be used as a substitute for an Identity Card.

Domain names must meet the following naming criteria:

There is a clear link between the domain name and the name of the organization that is registered.
Do not use names that indicate geographic names.
Do not violate Intellectual Property Rights (Must attach a permit from the relevant company when using a famous name / brand).
Do not use words that cause racial impact.
Do not use words that violate the norms and rules of law and religion that apply in Indonesia.
Domain names consist of letters (A-Z, a-z), Numbers (0-9), and hyphen characters (“-“). Hyphen characters may not be used as the beginning or end, as well as the third and fourth characters in sequence, from a Domain Name.
The domain name must be at least three (3) characters long and not more than sixty three (63) characters.
For domain names, the minimum ID is five (5) characters and not more than sixty three (63) characters.
Domain naming can use letters, numbers, or a combination of letters and numbers.
Resellers are given one (1) day to complete the new domain registration requirements document. The order will be canceled (reject document) if it passes from one (1) day the required documents are incompatible and incomplete or reject the order if no conditions are uploaded. Orders that are rejected for documents will be given 3 days to re-upload.

Domain  .id


  • RI KTP

Business and Community

  • RI ID card
  • One of AKTA / SIUP / TDP


Business and Community

    • KTP RI
    • One of AKTA / SIUP / TDP
    • Brand Certificate (if any)


University / Academic level at least D1

  • KTP RI
  • MoNE Decree / MoRA Decree Establishment of Higher Education Institutions
  • Institutional Leaders’ Power of Attorney regarding domain name registration
    Application and supporting letter (for example Rector’s Decree / Institution Leader)


  • RI KTP
  • School
    Power of attorney
    Certificate of Principal or Head of Institution


Indonesian Organization

  • KTP
  • Organization Notarial Deed or Certificate from the organization concerned



  • KTP RI


Business / UMKM




  • KTP RI



Boarding School

  • KTP RI
  • Certificate of leadership of the Islamic Boarding School or Institutional Leader

Auto Renewal Period (35 Days)

Auto Renewal Period, is setup 35 days from the date of the expired domain
(domain end date + 35 days)
Domain status: renew period
In this 35 day period the domain can still be extended

Redemption Period (30 Days)

Redemption Period, setup 30 days from the end date of the auto renewal period
(domain end date + 35 days auto renew period + 30 redemption period)
Domain status: pending delete
The domain is inaccessible and has been deleted by the system. In this 30 day period the domain can only be activated / renewed again through the “restore” process at a cost + penalty = 400% of the normal cost; how to submit a restore request to the Registrar

Pending Delete (7 days)

Pending Delete, is set 7 days from the end of the redemption period.
(domain expiry date + 35 days auto renew period + 30 redemption periods + 7 days pending delete)
At this stage, there is no possibility for the domain owner to renew (renew or restore). Domain will be available for each registrant after the 7 days pending delete period ends. Domain registration through the requirements and first come first served like a new domain registration.


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