29 May

Real Estate agent theme

This theme is very suitable for You who plunge in the world of property as a Property Agent who is currently not only rely on marketing as a conventional course but now many Property Agents who sell/ offer Listingannya to prospective customers through Online Media.

Currently many sites of existing properties, but most of the website there is the website multi user, which means the entire Property Agent can Join and that there must be advantages and drawbacks. In Your outline only contract shanties for sale.

With have website agent personal property You have full rights to manage Your website supposing You own your own home in the Online world without having to contract for a note.

Agent Theme the Property itself is very Familiar in inaugurated its use is very simple even people awanpun can use it.

Detail :

Facilities Property Agents Themes
Ready to list of detail, the data of Your property
Post, as easy as a post on a Blog
Ready Call to Action
Image zoom and thumb
Calculator calculate MORTGAGE
Google Maps
Print/Print List


Friendly user




Mudah dan lengkap


Widget Calculate MORTGAGE

Facilitate the potential clien you to calculate the simulation of a simple MORTGAGE of the Property


Thumb And Hoverzoom

allow potential buyers to your property to view property photos in more detail


Ready Google Maps

makes it easy to find the location of the property


Cuztomise Page


Facebook Overlay


Featured by Category

Tombol Print Listing

setiap listing , tersedia tombol print , memudahkan calon klien anda untuk print listing properti


The Arrangement Of The Single Post

With the order of arrangement which I try to arrange in such a way , so as to facilitate you in offering your property listing

1 – In this section , the user will see the data summary of the property on offer

Namely Price , Location , land area and building


2 – the Next user in the offer looking photos of the property , along with the thumb and zoom , so that it can provide an overview as possible of the property you sell or to rent


3 – After seeing the photos of the property , further there is a call to action , if that potential buyer you are interested can contact you directly, contains photos and phone ( optional can be set in theme option)


4 – Next show details of the property , the data detail data you could fill out easily at the bottom of the post


5 – a brief Explanation about the properties that you can write in the wordpress post , it will show like this


6 – Map Of Properties

so the potential buyer will be very clear to obtain the info property and the location of our web page , you do not need to be on the phone to ask , the where yes , the part where yes , what is his what yes , near future no , but it’s not , if you want to look where , wekekeke, because the map already explain everything


7-      Contact us


8 – Well if the buyer is not suitable with such a property , on the bottom appeared a related post based on category


Approximately so the order of the pages of this single, hopefully it can optimize and facilitate your job as a property agent

So I imagine this way ,

If I am looking for a via online , then I want to see as clearly as possible the property that I wanted, Before I really see directly the property


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